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Volunteers entered for UCL award


Volunteers entered for UCL award

We have nominated three of our University College London volunteers for the UCL Community Contribution Award and the Team London Awards.

The Awards aim to celebrate and reward outstanding achievements by current UCL students in a non-academic area. The winner receives £1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, usually the organisation where they have been volunteering.

Nicoletta Yerasimou is a trained swimmer and has helped with our weekly swimming project since October 2014, giving swimming lessons  and organising water sport activities for vulnerable children aged 8 to 16 years.

Since Nicoletta started supporting these children, their communication, ability to learn and swimming skills have developed greatly.

Some of the children she supports have a combination of learning difficulties, disabilities and behavioural problems and working with them can be challenging but Nicoletta always shows enthusiasm, never gives up and treats the children with respect and love.

The children’s parents appreciate her work and acknowledge the great difference she has made within a short period of time.

They said: “Come rain, come shine she is always there. She never lets us down. We love her and respect her.” 

Sabrina Vashisht has been providing emotional and practical support to a single mum and her 8 year old daughter since November 2013.

The mother had been in the UK for over 10 years but had limited English, although willing to learn. However, the family was undergoing stress over their asylum application and had limited access to education, a job, benefits or adequate accommodation.

Sabrina has provided educational and emotional support to the family and has been a positive role model for them. Since her involvement, the little girl is showing increased happiness and has started to make friends.

Recently, the family managed to obtain indefinite leave to remain in the UK and they are living in improved accommodation.

They said:“Sabrina’s presence and support made our life much better. Sabrina never looks down on us when she comes into our little room. She is always positive and puts a smile on our faces, regardless of our challenging lives.” 

Ye Huan Khor has been providing emotional and practical support to a single mum and her 11 year old daughter since November 2013.

Ye Huan is a trained pianist and also provides piano lessons to the young girl she supports.

The child has ADHD and can be difficult to communicate with. Since Ye Huan started supporting her, her confidence level has picked up immensely and she is able to  express how she feels. She looks up to Ye Huan as her big sister and has started to show academic progress, while her relationships have also improved.

The Awards are sponsored by Santander Universities and managed by UCL’s Scholarships & Funding Team.

Our volunteers are nominees for LSE Volunteer of the Year

Three of our brilliant volunteers were nominees for the annual volunteering award by the London School of Economics Careers’ Volunteer Centre at a ceremony last week.

All three were nominated by our volunteer organiser, Emmanuel Michael, for outstanding achievement in helping families.

Morgan Burley has been volunteering for our organisation and providing emotional and practical support to a young boy, now aged 14, since July 2014.

The young person has disabilities, suffering from language and speech delay and as well as DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder / Dyspraxia). The disabilities have had a major effect on his day to day life.

Since Morgan was introduced to this young man, his life has markedly changed for the better.

Academic progress has been noted by his teacher and parents. He has grown in confidence and is now able to take part in a sports and activities.

At home he has become more independent and is gradually starting to perform simple tasks which he used to find highly challenging.

Sabrina Rebrab has been providing emotional and practical support to a six year old girl with epilepsy since February 2014. The little girl’s father is a widower, as her mother passed away in June 2013 when the little girl was 4.

The child had been going through difficulties arising from her mother’s death, as well as  poor health, family dispute and poverty.

Sabrina has been a positive role model in her life.

Since Sabrina’s involvement the little girl has started to show signs of happiness. She has became more sociable and started to make friends. Her relationship with her relatives has improved.

Alexander Todd has been supporting a refugee single mother and her two sons aged 16 and 12 years, with emotional and practical support, for the past 9 months.

Since he became involved, their lives have dramatically improved, as Alexander provides much needed educational, emotional and practical support to the whole family. The family are very grateful for his tireless help.

The Volunteer Centre received 29 nominations for Volunteer of the Year.

Read inspiring volunteers’ stories at 2014-15 LSE Volunteers brochure.

0207 955 6519 | www.lse.ac.uk/volunteercentre

LSE Volunteer Centre, Floor 5, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, 1 Sheffield Street, London, WC2A 2AP



Well done Jack








Fantastic news! Our runner Jack Scrimshaw from Sir Robert McAlpine managed to complete last week’s London Marathon – his first- in only 3hrs and 22 mins, raising an eye watering £2,689.20 for WBAF.

He said : “It was tough but all my training paid off and I felt quite good on the day. There wasn’t really a low point. The crowd and all the entertainment along the way made it a really great experience”.