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Come join us on June 11th for the Elizabeth Street Summer Party 2016!


Come join us on June 11th for the Elizabeth Street Summer Party 2016!

What: Royal-themed Summer Party!

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When: 3-11pm June 11th 2016

Where: Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W

Includes: food, drink, raffle, fairground games, music, a parade and lots more!


There is also a competition for local schools!


Volunteers welcome to help out on the day! Duties would include running stalls, selling raffle tickets and collecting donations.

Contact Chris Davis at chris@befriendafamily.co.uk or call 0207 828 2765 for more information.


Toby’s Story

Toby is a twelve year old boy who is the youngest of five siblings.

His family was referred to Westminster Befriend a Family two years ago by their GP. Toby has always been a timid child and has found it difficult to make friends and do well at school since going to secondary school last year. He also lacked the confidence to take part in school sporting activities.

Since taking part in community based activities with Westminster Befriend a family, such as weekly swimming and martial arts classes, Toby has been able to develop skills and therefore the confidence to engage in activities with his peers. Through this he has also been able to make a close group of friends who he hangs out with both during and outside the activity classes.

Toby has also participated in some of the one-off activities offered by Westminster Befriend a Family. His family attended the trip to Brighton beach, which is the first time Toby had ever been to the seaside. This was an amazing opportunity for him and one that he was able to share with his siblings and his friends from the weekly community-based activities he participates in. Toby also attended an event at Westminster Boating Base where he kayaked for the first time and discovered his love for boating! He is now dreaming of being a kayak instructor himself thanks to this opportunity.

Please note: we have used stock photography and changed the names to protect the identities of our families.