Our aim is to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged families in Westminster

We’re not just a home-visiting service

Each year, our volunteers provide a weekly home visiting service to families.

Regular hands-on contact with isolated and vulnerable families is vital to families whose needs may change from week to week.

Volunteers also provide a range of weekly community-based sports, arts and educational projects for children and parents.

They organise half-term and summer family outings so that children and parents can build positive relationships, learn and have fun together in exciting places around London.

We’re not just for the under fives

We are the only local service supporting families with children and young people aged 0-18, supporting families inside their homes and providing weekly community-based services.

We support families with multiple and complex needs including homelessness, physical and mental health problems, children on the edge of care, domestic violence and poverty.

With just 4 staff and a large team of dedicated volunteers, we support many deprived Westminster families each year

There is a great need in the borough as 14% of Westminster’s neighbourhoods are in the 10% most poor in England in terms of income.

Church Street ward, where many of our families live, is the most deprived neighbourhood in London.

Westminster has a severe shortage of permanent homes, so families in temporary accommodation spend several years living in temporary accommodation before they are housed.

Without our intervention, some families would not be able to cope WHY WE HELP
Without our intervention, some families would not be able to cope.
We don’t believe in standing still. There is still much to do, and with your support we can do it.
Our greatest achievements are the ones that keep families together.
Our trustees keep us true to our mission and values.
Our partners complement our services.
Our funders aid our vision with more than just finances: they buy into it with trust, belief, and expectations.