If you would like to make a referral please use the following forms:

Mentoring for Mums Referral Form (Referrals made by Professionals)

Mentoring for Mums Application Form (Self-Referrals)

Mentoring for Mums Referral Guide

Broadening Horizons (Young People) Referral Form (Referrals made by Professionals)

Broadening Horizons (Young People) Application Form (Self-Referrals)

Broadening Horizons (Young People) Referral Guide

How we can help

Is your family struggling, or are you working with a family who could benefit from our services?

We support families across Westminster who are facing poverty, as well as practical and emotional challenges including:

    • Isolation
    • Lack of opportunity
    • Children struggling at school
    • Sub-standard and/or temporary accommodation
    • Risk of family breakdown

Our family support focuses on our mentoring service, children’s activities and parent support groups.

We have regular contact with Social Services to ensure users matching these criteria have somewhere to turn to for support.

We also have links with the Educational Welfare Service in Westminster, along with Children’s Services.

We are in contact with local schools, working with Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO) to help children who are struggling to cope in the education system.

If you are looking for specific services, please take a look through One Westminster’s directory of voluntary and community organisations based in Westminster and/or working with Westminster residents (N.B. One Westminster is not affiliated with Westminster Befriend a Family).
If you have serious concerns about a child or vulnerable adult’s safety, call:

Westminster Child Services: 020 7641 4000

Westminster Adult Services: 020 7641 2500

Westminster Emergency Duty Team (out of hours) for children and families: 020 7641 6000

The emergency services (999) if someone you know if at risk and you need urgent help.