Every second counts

Every Second Counts: People get ready, there’s a train a comin’

It’s Monday morning and I have escaped the curse of the crack of dawn blues by way of the sun piercing through my window and blazing its rays onto my face. I find myself in in that heady state where you can almost slightly fool yourself into believing that you… Continue reading

Time is money

“Time is Money!” is a phrase that was coined (excuse the pun) by Benjamin Franklin.

It means that time is valuable and if you are not using it efficiently you are losing money.


Value is an interesting thing; market forces often determine how much something is worth. However, value… Continue reading

Every Second Counts…


In 2001 I was admitted to hospital: a black man, turning white, throwing up in green, and later hallucinating in orange. 

Hitting the rewind button <<

Day 1
I had eaten a lukewarm beef pie the day before and was feeling a growing stomach discomfort.

Day 2
Amidst… Continue reading