“I found out about Westminster Befriend a Family when me and my children were escaping domestic abuse. I was very isolated and my mind was still in chains.

“Originally from France, I had been to university and had a career. I came to London to continue my studies which is when I met the father of my children and that is when the abuse started. After some years when we’d finally escaped him for good, I remember my GP or some other professional referred us to WBAF.”

What did WBAF do for you?

“The charity matched us with a volunteer befriender who came every week for two hours to work with me and my family. She was so nice and serene, very reliable and trustworthy. She made a big difference to our lives. She asked me if there was anything she could do for me. I had some issues but for me, my daughter’s homework was the most immediate priority: she needed help focusing.”

Did it help?

“It was a great experience. Having a quality volunteer looking out for us was priceless. I am very grateful for the support I’ve received from WBAF. I was sorry when it came to an end. She made a huge difference to my daughter. She not only helped her with her homework but played games with her, gave her her time and talked with her. She helped her believe in herself again. My daughter is now more resilient, able to make sense of life and has learned some self-respect.”

How is life now?

“I have no family nearby so I’m still quite isolated, though I have made a few friends, and life is still very challenging with its ups and downs. But Westminster Befriend a Family gave me the space to be more positive. Their volunteer made my family feel valued and able to feel more positive about life and I would recommend the charity to any vulnerable family.”

If you would like to volunteer to support vulnerable families please click https://www.befriendafamily.co.uk/volunteer-8/ If you would like to donate so Westminster Befriend A Family can continue to help families click https://www.befriendafamily.co.uk/donate/