Choose carefully what you want to reap:
The fulfilment of your dreams and aspirations are dependent on what you are planting NOW and what has been planted in the past. Do you want to reap more trust? friends? A job? Good health? Greater self-esteem? Then you need to be active planting your seeds: making those investments in job applications, in courses, in exercise, in healthy eating and living. If you have children and you are constantly shouting and showing them your anger and frustration instead of your love, don’t be surprised when a few years down the line they turn out to be fearful, angry, or bitter individuals.

If you plant sparingly you will reap sparingly:
Not every seed you plant will produce fruit so don’t be stingy when you plant. By all means be focussed: if you want a job in sales then apply for sales jobs but don’t just fill in one application form. Don’t be deterred if your plans don’t succeed at first. ‘Perseverance’ – an old-fashioned and underused word is key to your success. It is the metal that undergirded the great inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs and trailblazers of the past and reaped benefits that we still enjoy today.

Cross contamination and weeds:
Don’t be deterred if your plans don’t turn out exactly how you imagined they would. We are not living in a perfect world so expect to encounter winds of adversity that blow weeds into your field. If it’s within your power to remove them then do so. Weeds may come in the form of bad relationships or dead-end scenarios. Weeds choke our dreams and desires and can easily prevent us from reaping a successful and fulfilling future. If it’s not within your power to keep these weeds out of your life then seek advice or help so that you can move on. Counselling services

Water what you plant
Are you hoping to get a job as a designer? Make new friends? Stop yourself from becoming fearful? or lose weight? Whatever you have planted and set into motion you must be willing to follow through. Don’t be contented because you have started the process – you need to finish it. So, how can you water what you’ve planted?

If it’s a job application: Before the interview go to the office to pick up an application form and make a point of being friendly and outgoing to the receptionist or staff that you meet.  After the interview write a thank you letter or email addressed to the interviewer.

If it’s an exercise plan to keep fit or lose weight: Remind yourself of the benefits of being able to have a healthy body. Get someone to sponsor you. Be accountable to someone other than yourself. Find an exercise partner.

If it’s a plan to find new friends: Join a meetup: It’s like Facebook, but where people actually meet new friends by doing activities that they enjoy.

If it’s a determination to stop swearing: Put a ‘swear box’ in the house. Let everyone know that if you swear you have to put some money in the box. Money that’s collected in the box can be given to a local charity.

Every seed needs time to grow, so plant your hopes and dreams now, and be patient but also remain  focussed. When it comes to planting seeds that invest in your future the right time and the right season is NOW. That’s the only time we really have. We could wait until tomorrow but for some that time never comes. So, don’t procrastinate.

Plant NOW, because failure to prepare is preparation for failure…



Nat Cato
Communications Team

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