They almost disintergrated

Nadia’s family was at risk of completely falling apart after suffering domestic violence followed by a very painful divorce.

As a mother of four, all under nine years of age, Nadia was struggling with depression and finding it extremely difficult just talking to her children, one of whom has special needs.

A WBAF befriender called Lisa, who had Positive Parenting training, was assigned to help Nadia regain her confidence and reconnect with her children.

She met with the family two or three hours every week for six months and was gradually able to help Nadia better understand her children’s needs and communicate with them. Lisa played with the children and helped them with their homework and joined the family on fun days out so the whole family were able to share enjoyable experiences together and bond.

In giving Nadia lots of emotional support and a listening ear, Lisa was able to help her unburden herself of a lot of the negative feelings she had about her marriage breakdown. Lisa also steered Nadia towards making use of local services – housing services, health clinics and playgroups – that helped her improve her living situation and family life and reduced their isolation.

At the end of the six months there was trust between all five members of the family. Nadia was talking to her children more; she was more confident in herself and in her parenting skills; she found better ways to cope with situations and make important decisions that showed she was now more in control.

Nadia said: “With Lisa’s help I am now more aware of things. She taught me so much about young children, how to see them and experience them. She taught me how to cope and take care of myself and my family. We were near to breaking point but Lisa brought our family back together so I can now properly take care of myself and my children.”