How our Young People’s Project has helped Charmaine

Charmaine is 14 years old and has a history of being sexually exploited by older men. She lives with her mum and doesn’t have a positive relationship with her dad. He is no longer in the home and was imprisoned for hitting her.

According to police reports Charmaine’s dad had shown a history of controlling and abusive behaviour. It was reported that he verbally abused her by constantly making negative remarks about her weight and appearance.

Charmaine was excluded from school and has been attending a special educational unit. Her mother asked for our support as Charmaine was not attending the unit regularly. We have placed a mentor with Charmaine who escorts her to the unit twice a week and spends the day with her, helping her to participate.

Charmaine has learned to trust her mentor and she is engaging with her.

Step by step we are hoping to build her trust so that we can divert her away from the men who are exploiting and abusing her and help her to focus on her education so that she can see a positive future ahead.

We shall also be helping her to participate in activities that 14 year-old girls enjoy, such as drama, music and dance, as a way to help her to engage more with her peers.

Charmaine tries to put on a tough ‘street-wise’ exterior but behind the facade she is a deeply insecure and vulnerable child looking for love and acceptance from a father figure.

With your support and our mentor in place, we shall continue to help Charmaine to build up her self- esteem and focus on her education, allowing her to look forward to a healthier future where she can reclaim her dormant dreams and step out of her on-going nightmare.

This case study is true, but we have used stock photography and changed the names to protect the identities of our families.