Guy worked with Westminster Befriend a Family as an office volunteer.

I started volunteering at Westminster Befriend A Family (WBAF) soon after finishing my MSc to gain practical experience in the charity sector. My initial duties were focused on social, and policy, research. This gave me the chance to put into practice the knowledge and skills I had learned over the previous year’s studies.

The advantage of volunteering at a charity the size of WBAF is that I’ve been able to get experience in a whole range of areas. At times throughout my stint volunteering I have researched for, and written fundraising applications; written pieces for the website; helped to maintain the website; recruited for new volunteers; and researched for and helped to design a new programme of work for the charity.

Aside from the practical experience I have gained in my time here, the office has been a very friendly and welcoming place to be. My time at the charity has given me great insight and experience, and I’ve made some friends along the way.