I joined the charity’s Board of Trustees in May 2016. A friend asked me to consider applying, knowing how passionate I am about the wellbeing of women and children. The application process included submitting an application form with my CV, and having an interview. I chose WBAF because I’m deeply committed to its mission to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged families in Westminster.


Using my Skills and Experience

I am a specialist in public affairs and external relations, and I mentor young women finding their way, which I also really love. I joined WBAF in order to use my skills and experience to support the foundations of this charity and, with the rest of the Board, guide it through the economic and social challenges our society is facing right now.

My role as a trustee is to counsel and be actively involved in all decision-making. The Board meets every six to eight weeks where we discuss matters of operation and progress, work out how to overcome challenges, and plan for WBAF’s future direction. Aside from the regular meetings, all Trustees lead on specific initiatives, which can require dedicating some time each week.

As a public affairs specialist I bring almost two decades of experience to my role at WBAF in the areas of strategic communication, public relations and stakeholder engagement. Connecting with people’s hearts and minds is my passion and as part of that I bring a number of practical skills to the role, too, such as negotiation, writing, problem-solving, project planning, reputation management and event management skills. Every member of the Board brings a unique set of skills, and this is crucial in having an expert, balanced and coordinated Board.

I’ve Learned A Lot

Having never held a Trustee role or been involved with a charity before, I’ve learned a lot about the workings of such an organisation. Every aspect of what we do is analysed, from the services we offer to our short term and long term strategy, our finances, recruitment and more. It’s so interesting. It’s also wonderful to be working with people outside the field of transport, which is where I have been working for the majority of my career.

I would absolutely recommend volunteering as a Trustee to others. It’s so fulfilling.

Thank you

Thanks Vicky, for all your hard work and congratulations on being March’s Volunteer of the Month.