Kat Lee is the newest member of our Board of Trustees who took up the post in October. Not only is she a new Trustee but she will soon take up the post of Chief Executive of the charity, The Family Holiday Association, which supports families in accessing much needed breaks.

How did you come to choose WBAF?

I have been working in Westminster for the last 10 years and was hoping to be able to contribute to a charity operating in the area. So when I saw the trustee role advertised I did some digging to find out more. I was really touched by the mission and the focus on supporting families in challenging circumstances in the borough. More and more families find themselves struggling or isolated, and the need for a charity like WBAF is evident – that’s what made me want to get involved.

Have you been a Trustee for charities before?

WBAF is my first charity trustee role, but I spent eight years as a governor for a south London primary school taking on various roles – the last of which was Chair of the Board.

Do you have a specific skill or professional experience to contribute as a Trustee?

I work in the charitable sector and have spent the last few years designing and managing programmes delivered by volunteers, including a peer education programme where young people support other young people to explore challenging subjects. So I bring specific operational experience relevant to the work of WBAF along with charity management and governance knowledge.

What are the benefits to you of being a Trustee?

I can support a charity with a great mission to have as much impact as possible.

How much time do you have to put into the role?

I’m still very new so just getting to grips with the role and how much time I’ll need to give to it to do it justice. Ask me again in a few months!

What do you think WBAF can learn from you?

Between us the staff, volunteers, supporters and Trustees have passion, commitment, real understanding of families and a drive to do even more to support them – I’m excited to see where we can go together as we all learn from each other.

Would you recommend being a Trustee to others?

Absolutely! You get to learn new things, share your skills, meet new people and give your time to support a charity to make a difference – what’s not to like?!