Our vision is to help make Westminster a borough where: ‘All families lead fulfilling lives, free from the consequences of poverty’.


Our mission is to enable families to independently address both the economic and social challenges that they face. We recognise the inter-related needs of parents and their children and aim to deliver a ‘whole family’ approach. We offer support early to prevent families reaching crisis.


  • To ‘do with’ rather than ‘do for’ in all our interactions. In doing this we aim to promote sustainability, enabling personal growth rather than dependency
  • To promote participation – developing a culture of shared ownership, not one of provider: customer
  • To recognise the value of normalised, non-expert, relationships in empowering families
  • To be transparent in all of our work and foster an understanding and connection with the charity
  • To have respect – of peoples’ personal journeys and their strengths
  • To be inclusive – engaging people in the design and delivery of services to achieve meaningful change
  • To have a non-judgemental approach that provides equal access to all residents
  • To encourage peer initiatives and support