Chief Executive

Catherine Mahony has joined WBAF having worked in the third sector for over 15 years. Prior to working with WBAF, she has supported families in crisis as an emergency response manager with humanitarian organisations.

“Westminster is such a vibrant and diverse place, and our mentoring programmes strengthen our communities to ensure they’re inclusive, a vital part of bringing the best out of the city.  I’m excited to be part of a historic organisation playing such an important role for some of the most vulnerable people,” she said.

Broadening Horizons Services Manager

Ada Celebi has been the Broadening Horizons Programme Manager at Westminster Befriend a Family since April 2021.  Over the past six years she has been working for both international and UK-based youth-development organisations, providing a range of programmes for young people in education, employability and expedition settings. She manages the mentoring programme for young people programme and provides continuous support to a large number of young people and volunteer mentors everyday.

“I have been impressed by the strong collaboration between the grassroots charities in Westminster, who are working together to strengthen communities who need our support the most. I’m so happy to be working for such a committed and fast-growing charity that is able to hand over the power to young people to make the impact they need in their lives with the support of mentors.”

Parent Services Manager

Hedviga David has been the Parent Services Manager at Westminster Befriend a Family since May 2021. 

Social Work Consultant

Denise Ward, who joined the team in 2019, has been a fully qualified social worker for over 24 years. She helps assess families and other service users referred to us for support, and is responsible for making sure the charity’s family assessment policies and procedures continue to be fit for purpose.

Business Support and Outreach Officer

Dee Hamilton joined us as Business Support and Outreach Officer in March 2021.

Our Trustees

In addition to their work for the board, our trustees participate in and chair a number of finance, fundraising, volunteer and human resources subcommittees. Our trustees endeavour to remain visible to our volunteers and families, as mentors themselves, or attending monthly supervision sessions.

Noreen Sumra joined the Board as Chair in December 2017. Noreen is a solicitor specialising in employment law, currently on a career break.  She has served as a Chair of a BME Housing Association and also of a charity providing reading mentors to primary schools in Berkshire.  Noreen also sits on the Board of a Multi-Academy Trust based in Berkshire and is on the Board of Citizens Advice, Hillingdon.

Vicky Kafetzi is a communications and engagement specialist working in the transport sector. She has over 15 years experience of providing strategic advice, to create the best environment for delivery of projects and operations that keep our great city moving. She also mentors and coaches young professionals.

Sabrina Vashisht is a fundraiser and communications officer for the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre, an international legal NGO. She has extensive experience of applying for and managing grants. Sabrina also volunteers for WBAF in her spare time, and as a Russian-English translator for the BEARR Trust. She joined the Board in October 2017.

Kat Lee is a senior manager working in the charitable sector. She has spent the last 15 years working on large scale engagement programmes for families and young people in London and across the UK. Most recently, Kat has been working with a team of 100,000 volunteers to offer girls and young women fun, friendship, challenge and adventure through membership of Girl Guide groups. She joined the board in October 2019.

Dan Gibson is an MBA-trained marketing leader with over 20 years experience advising brands and social enterprises across UK, Europe and Asia.  An Oxford graduate and former MD at Ogilvy and Havas, today he is a GM & Director at BeenThereDoneThat, a disruptor marketing consultancy. He joined the WBAF Board in 2021

Matt Wright joined the board in March 2021.  Matt has a background in leading customer and colleague transformation programmes across hospitality and retail, both in the UK and China.  He has a passion for developing individuals and teams.

Ravi Verma is an experienced finance executive who has worked across broadcast media, hospitality and leisure industries, working for owner-managed, FTSE 100 PLCs and private equity-backed businesses. Ravi specialises in providing strategic direction and operational efficiencies, with a focus on medium to long term planning that adds value and supports the growth of a company. He joined the WBAF Board in 2021.