Catherine Mahony has joined WBAF having worked in the third sector for over 15 years. For the last five years she has been supporting families in crisis as an emergency response manager with humanitarian organisations.

“Westminster is such a vibrant and diverse place, and our befriending and mentoring programmes strengthen our communities to ensure they’re inclusive, a vital part of bringing the best out of the city.  I’m excited to be part of a historic organisation playing such an important role for some of the most vulnerable people,” she said.

Service Coordinator

Loris Konaizeh has been the Service Coordinator at Westminster Befriend a Family since May 2018.

Previously she volunteered for WBAF as a projects and operations intern. Now, while continuing to coordinate special projects, her main role is to match very vulnerable families in the borough with volunteers who can support and guide them in how best to help themselves.

Our Trustees

In addition to their work for the board, our trustees participate in and chair a number of finance, fundraising, volunteer and human resources subcommittees. Our trustees endeavour to remain visible to our volunteers and families, often working with families themselves, or attending monthly supervision sessions.

Noreen Sumra joined the Board as Chair in December 2017. Noreen is a solicitor specialising in employment law, currently on a career break.  She has served as a Chair of a BME Housing Association and also of a charity providing reading mentors to primary schools in Berkshire.

Rob Whitehouse is a chartered management accountant ‎(CGMA) with over eight years post qualification experience. In addition to two years at an audit firm he has over 10 years experience working in various financial reporting and change management roles at Bank of America.

Helen Burrluck is a Chartered Accountant and worked as a tax accountant for many years. She spent the last 15 years of her working life heading up the admin function of law firms. As well as being a trustee at WBAF she volunteers as a money management mentor for a national charity.

Father Owen Higgs is a vicar at St Gabriel’s Church in Pimlico, Westminster. He previously worked as a care worker for Scope, a charity supporting disabled people, and as a Chartered Accountant.

Vicky Kafetzi is a communications and engagement specialist working in the transport sector. She has over 11 years experience of providing strategic advice, to create the best environment for delivery of projects and operations that keep our great city moving. She also mentors and coaches young professionals.

Sasjkia Otto is a strategic foresight specialist who currently works in Whitehall. Her experience in the voluntary sector spans fundraising, policy, outreach, and management, including for national NGOs. She’s been lucky to have networks supporting her beyond her circumstances growing up; she joined WBAF after volunteering at the Samaritans and as a school reading partner, where she saw how important this could be for other young people’s futures.

Sabrina Vashisht is a fundraiser and communications officer for the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre, an international legal NGO. She has extensive experience of applying for and managing grants. Sabrina also volunteers for WBAF in her spare time, and as a Russian-English translator for the BEARR Trust. She joined the Board in October 2017.