Rosie worked with Westminster Befriend a Family as a summer intern.

I undertook a five-week internship at Westminster Befriend a Family after completing my second year of my BSc in Anthropology at UCL. I came into the internship with a rough idea that I wanted to go into the charity sector after graduating and working at Westminster Befriend a Family (WBAF) has thoroughly confirmed to me that this is a sector I would like to work in.

During my time at WBAF I undertook a number of different tasks as I was unsure exactly what I wanted to do and wanted a general overview of how a small charity works. I began my time at WBAF by conducting social research into befriending, trying to develop a better understanding of befriending and the different aspects of it. I also helped with planning for Christmas fundraising, producing a list of schools and choirs that might be interested in carol singing in the Westminster area to raise funds for WBAF and began to contact some of these as they can get very booked up! Another task I worked on during the start of my time at WBAF was the #uncoverwestminster social media campaign.

The main project I undertook during my internship was updating and redesigning aspects of the website, which was an amazing challenge and learning opportunity as it was not an area I previously had much experience in. Whilst working on this project, I also helped with a few tasks on the side such as helping organise an auction and relaunching the charity’s Facebook presence and developing their presence on other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

As you can see interning with WBAF offered me a wealth of opportunities and experience in so many areas of the charity sector, from fundraising and campaigns to social research and communication. Not only did I gain all the practical experience that will definitely come to help me in my future career, WBAF is an amazingly friendly charity and I had a lovely time working for them.