WBAF is delighted to announce that it will be extending its Family Support Services to 17 and 18 year olds.  

“Not only are we the only charity in Westminster to support children aged 0-16 and their families inside and outside their homes, we will be piloting a scheme to support 17-18 year-olds and their families.  If the pilot is successful we will roll out the scheme to more young people, said Jacqueline Crooks, WBAF’s Director of Services “

The decision was taken to increase the age range because there are emerging issues facing young people, such as sexual exploitation and increasing numbers of young people affected by crime and mental health difficulties.

“We are keen to use our experience and work in partnership with social services teams to pick up cases where young people and their families do not meet the threshold for social work intervention, so that these young people and their families do not fall through the net.  We will provide mentors to these young people to encourage and empower them to be the young men and women of tomorrow,” said Jacqueline Crooks.