WBAF is pleased to introduce Denise Ward as the charity’s newest member of staff.

Denise is a fully qualified social worker with 24 years of experience who will be helping to assess families and other service users referred to us. As our Social Work Consultant she will also be responsible for making sure the charity’s family assessment policies and processes continue to be fit for purpose.

Where it all began

In coming to work in Westminster, Denise is returning to the London borough where she first began as a social worker. “I spent the first half of my career working in a range of social work roles for the council, including in learning and development, where I helped train social workers to get their Diploma in Social Work and helped unqualified support workers get their NVQ qualifications,” she said.

Working in the voluntary sector

The second half of her career she spent working in Islington primarily within the voluntary sector. “I managed a family support team, worked in a role supporting service development in various children centres across the borough, and most recently worked as an Operations Manager for a charity working with vulnerable people. I also chaired the local forum for charities working with children and young people in Islington for some years. Following a brief career break, she has now joined WBAF.

Enticed by WBAF

“What enticed me back to work was hearing about the three strands of work at WBAF. I really believe in what the charity is trying to do to support children, young people and their families” she said.

At a time when there are so many social pressures on families and less services available to them, Denise will be helping WBAF review the way we support families and our volunteers. “My task will be to make sure that all of our work is developing best practice, so I will be supporting volunteer befrienders and mentors, reviewing our procedures and safe guarding policies, and helping to guide our empowering and enabling approaches.”