What was once a shabby, under-utilised room in the Westminster Befriend a Family (WBAF) office has now been transformed into a comfortable, welcoming working environment thanks to the kind generosity of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The Bank came to the rescue following a request for the space to be made more inviting and practical for the charity’s needs. Previously the room was filled with two spare desks and tall filing cabinets that were no longer of use.

Now the space has been filled with a small sofa and a couple of armchairs to help vulnerable clients feel more comfortable; a table and four chairs for formal meetings, and two small filing cabinets more suitable for the space.

The room is now a great place for the charity to work with vulnerable families; to interview new and prospective volunteers; to hold internal meetings as well as meet with important donors and supporters.

Catherine Mahony, director of WBAF, said: “We are also making the room available at lunchtimes for the two other charities in the building to encourage cross-organisational networking.

“We are so grateful to Bank of America Merrill Lynch for donating the furniture and their time and effort into transforming our office space. Now it is such a comfortable space to work in, and rather than find a local coffee shop to conduct business we can proudly bring people back to our show-room office.”